I'm feeling terrific today

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   It's 9am. This September day is just about to begin, but I'm already on my way home. I finally got something done that is on my list since I am back. Now the papers are in the back pocket of my pants and I feel relieved.

   Now I have time. I decide to take the scenic route. I walk through the park. I walk across a bridge. I walk very slowly. The early sunlight is cutting holes in the morning fog. The leaves are shining. Still green and already yellow. The calm river is steaming. I can see my own breath. It's almost October. In three weeks you will be here. I feel really happy while I'm walking across the bridge.

   I take a trail I haven't walked in years. There are houses everywhere on the other side of this mountain, but here are just trees. No people at this time of the day. Most of them are probably at work. Not me. Not today. I'm not a hurry at all. Life will change quite a bit in a few days. A new city to explore, a new place to make our home and back to school. I'm optimistic this morning. Even more than I normally am. Sunlight becomes visible between the shadows of the trees.

   My feet take another detour. I am not 100% sure where this trail will take me but I enjoy every step. I'm all by myself and every thought in my head is light - calm but thrilled at the same time. The tip of my nose is cold and makes me think of winter mornings in the cabin, of starting a fire and go back to bed. Snuggling with you.

   When I can see the first roofs through the leaves, I don't really know where the trail will release me into civilisation again. It's closer to my parents' place than I thought.

   I'm walking on a sunny sidewalk. My face warms up. We'll be together soon. I feel terrific today.

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Hendrik 09/26/2010 14:29


ich wünsch Dir viel Spass in Kanada!
Falls Du noch ein paar Anregungen brauchst, was Du auf keinen Fall verpassen solltest, dann schau mal hier vorbei:



Liebe Grüße