Bad Kissingen - Amberg - Bad Kissingen

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Tomorrow Matze will move to Stuttgart, so today we caught the last chance to go to Amberg and get some things done. In this picture we tried hard to look bored and I don't even know why. Sitting next to each other for a couple of hours is a good thing because so we remembered random stories that happened the last months.


Our snack for the road: crumble cake by my grandma. Also known as another food-highlight when I am home.


Matze appreciated it for sure!


After picking things up and putting stuff into boxes, on the way home again. The weather was not as nice as this picture shows. But it was fun to spend the day with Matze and see a little bit of Amberg again.

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Cradi 09/18/2010 11:04

toll, diese Krümel in Matzes Bart, haha.

Anne 08/30/2010 22:33

ich will auch ein bisschen crumble cake haben!!:D